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Basic Overview

What does Machete do?

The Machete web application stores information to organize the operations of a day labor center referral service. Machete performs the following operational tasks:

  1. Stores basic contact information for all persons associated with the Machete system
  2. Stores biographical and membership information on its members
  3. Records member sign-in using a identification number through either a bar code scanner or the keyboard
  4. Captures employer, work order, and work assignment details into a relational database
  5. Provides a fast, flexible method of dispatching workers to work orders based on English level, skill level, and employer requests

Sections of the Interface

There are 7 sections of Machete, each with a menu link to access it at the top of each machete page.

  • Home
  • Employers
  • WorkOrders
  • WorkAsmts (Assignments)
  • Persons
  • Workers
  • Worker Signin

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