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Creating a new user account

Each user of Machete should have their own account. This account identifies who creates an order and who might update an order afterward.

To be able to take orders, a manager must authorize your account.

To create an account

1.  Go to http://machete/account/register


2. Fill in the information requested and click Register

The information is used to construct your login username. Your first name and your last name become your user name, which you will provide to login to the system. Your names will be separated by a period, “.” For example, Hilary Clinton’s username when she logs in to machete will be: hilary.clinton

The other information is for future features:

  • The email address will be used to send instructions to reset a password, if you forget it. This is not implemented in the 1.0 release.
  • The question field is a security question that you can use to reset your password. This is not implemented in the1.0 release.
  • The answer field is the answer to the security question. This is not implemented in the 1.0 release.

3. Request a manager to assign your account the “Phonedesk” role

Once your account is created, a manager will need to assign you the role of phonedesk to be able to take orders.

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