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Creating a new work order in Machete

Creating a work order involves 4 parts
1. Creating a new, or selecting an existing, employer record
2. Creating a new work order record
3. Creating at least one work assignment record
4. Activating the new order with the“Activate Order” button

Part 1: Search for employer


1. Click on the Employers menu tab

2. Ask if the employer has called Casa Latina since Machete was installed. If they have not, you will need to create a new employer record. If they have called recently, search for an existing employer record.
  • The search box will search all employer records.
  • It is case insensitive.
  • It does not need a complete name or number.

3. Search for existing employers by using the “List employers” tab. Search for their name, address, or phone number in the Search box

4. Double-click on the existing employer row to open the existing record. Follow Part 2 of the instructions for creating a new work order.

5. If no record exists, create a new employer record. Click on the “Create New Employer tab” and follow the instructions in part 1.1.

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